The food at Fernandõ Gastrotheque is like no other.


  • Ragout Of Young Goat

    € 15.00

    Goa Cheese Foam, Tarragon, Buckwheat.

  • Lampuki

    € 13.00

    Smoked Red Pepper, Iberian Acorn Chorizo, Coriander, Amaranth.

  • Black Mussels Charred in Shell

    € 13.00

    Mussel Cream, Finger Lime, Sourdough Croutons.

  • Aged Carnaroli Rice

    € 14.00

    Sheep's Milk, Dried Sheep Cheese, Dehydrated Capers, Smoked Olive Oil.

  • Spaghetti di Gragnano

    € 14.00

    I.G.P. Hazelnuts from Piedmont, Saffron, Mascarpone.

Main Courses


  • Suckling Pig from Mgarr

    € 28.00

    Pickled Shimeji and Mustard Seeds, Lacto-Fermented Celeriac Cannelloni.

  • Fresh Fish From The Maltese Sea

    (Market Price)

    Gamberi Rossi, Sauce of Fish and Shellfish.

  • Pigeon De Bresse

    € 32.00

    Fresh Berries, 20 Year Old Balsamic Vinegar, Lard from Colonnata.

  • Beef

    € 32.00

    Smoked Potato, Shallot & Mushroom, Mushroom Powder.



  • Pistachio & White chocolate cream

    € 9.00

    Earl grey candied orange peel, pistachio sponge, white chocolate crumble. Yogurt ice cream.

  • Lavender infused crème pâtissiere

    € 9.00

    Fresh honey comb, "Mille follie", almond milk froth, vanilla ice cream.

  • Araguani chocolate cremoux


    Blackberries, I.G.P. Hazelnuts from piedmont, Gianduja ice cream.

  • Selection of artisanal cheese

    Homemade crackers and chutney. (Price vary according to weight and product)

Fernandõ The Wine

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