A wine theatre

With over 600 different wines in our cellar to choose from, at Fernandõ Gastrotheque you will surely find the wine of your life. We present you with the opportunity to get to know and fall in love with a selection of internationally acclaimed wines.


At Fernandõ Gastrotheque you can live through what we call the complete wine experience. A unique wine-centred adventure where all of your senses will be tingled by our choice of globally renowned and heavenly wines. 

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We present our patrons with a transcendent experience, ideal to enjoy in a group setting. At Fernandõ Gastrotheque you can easily order a multitude of wines by the glass. Gone are the days of having to share one bottle of wine with your friends, with Fernandõ the world is now your oyster.


We serve over 100 different wines by the glass, meaning that each and every person in your group can pick and choose their own wine adventure.

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A place for trying


At Fernandõ Gastrotheque we present our patrons with a range of delicacies inspired by international flavours while placing sustainability in focus by local, fresh and seasonal produce.


For those seeking a true culinary adventure, our tasting menus are key. They are never made up of the same dishes, always leaving an element of surprise. Both the five and eight-course tasting menus can be accompanied by two different wine pairings, along with an additional cheese course.

What makes Fernandõ Gastrotheque’s tasting menu stand out, is that the dishes are picked on the spot from our a la carte menu – a theatrical experience designed to provide you with a memorable celebration of flavours.


Following the ideology of our tasting menus, our wine pairings are always alternating, which allows us to venture among the most extensive wine list on the island.


The cheese course is a reflection of Fernandõ’s origins, still changing on a weekly basis and delivering a medley of artisanal and classic cheeses.

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Influenced by French bistros, Fernandõ Gastrotheque offers its patrons an intimate, snug and nimble ambience where they can relax and enjoy the buoyant atmosphere. We provide our clients with a sense of warmth, friendliness and belonging at our Sliema-based restaurant. A place that offers contentment and hospitality in the midst of this restless town brimming with life.

A place that is furnished with magnificent pieces and splendid designs, Fernandõ Gastrotheque is the perfect spot for anyone who is looking for an intimate place to spend time with their significant others, family or friends.

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